We have the capability of manufacturing a wide range of wire rope terminals and fittings in our own modern production facility.Because our specialty is made-to–order wire rope assemblies, we don’t keep a large inventory of any component in stock, and it’s not our intent to be your best source to purchase individual components. The components we list are meant to be a representation of what we offer and what we can do. You are neither limited to the P/Ns you see here, nor may there be any inventoried. These many options are to show you our capability, whether it’s to the specs presented, or to your specs. As stated, we make to order. For this reason, we are interested in knowing the application for your cable assembly. Often our sales people will be familiar with an assembly that has a particular fitting we have made for another customer with a similar application. Even when this is not the case, we can frequently modify an existing design to better meet your needs or design and manufacture a specific fitting for your product.

There can be significant cost benefits to you, when you utilize the many unique services we offer. Often, we are able to improve quality, decrease costs, and meet design requirements that others are unable to achieve.