There are several different ways we can help you design a wire rope assembly to meet your particular requirements. Most of the terminals and fittings used on our wire rope assemblies are machined in our own CNC lathes and mills. This enables us to fully control the quality and provide a faster turn-around, often at considerable cost savings to our customers.

Chances are, we have manufactured cable assemblies similar to yours in the past, so we can offer you the benefit of this experience in the design of your product. For instance, often our sales people are familiar with a special fitting we have made for a similar use or application in the past. Or, perhaps we can modify an existing design or manufacture a new custom fitting to meet your requirements.

Because we machine most of our own terminals, we are not limited in design to off-the-shelf terminals made by others. We can make suggestions regarding the construction of the wire rope strand or cable for your application. You can draw on our experience to determine the right material for your fittings. Wire rope assembly prototypes can be made at modest cost, and tests can be performed in our factory to verify that your design meets necessary load requirements.